What is Sports Nutrition?

Sports Nutrition is a multi-disciplinary field of study that incorporates exercise physiology, nutrition, biochemistry, integrative physiology, and cell/molecular biology. The field of sports nutrition includes an ‘applied’ aspect (i.e. the use of nutrition and/or dietary supplement strategies to enhance athletic performance or improve body composition) as well as a ‘basic’ science aspect (i.e. understanding the underlying biological mechanism(s) regarding the effect(s) of foods and/or supplements). (Source: Wikipedia)

Clickview Resources:
Factors Affecting Performance - Nutrition and Sport - 31 minutes

Australian Institute of Sport Resources -
Fuelling Your Sport: http://www.ais.org.au/nutrition/FuelFactSheets.asp (e.g. Carboydrate requirements for swimmers)
Hot Topics: http://www.ais.org.au/nutrition/HotTopics.asp (e.g. Carbohydrate Loading)
Supplements: http://www.ais.org.au/nutrition/SuppFactSheets.asp (e.g. sports drinks and creatine supplements)
Fluid Facts: http://www.ais.org.au/nutrition/FluidFacts.asp (e.g. Fluid Facts for Netballers)

Nutritional Tables from the Australian Institute of Sport
Carbohydrates – How much? http://www.ais.org.au/nutrition/documents/FactCHO.pdf
Proteins – Are you getting enough? http://www.ais.org.au/nutrition/documents/FactProtein.pdf
Sports Nutrition - http://www.brianmac.co.uk/nutrit.htm
Eating and Competing - http://www.brianmac.co.uk/eatcom.htm

James Madison University - Strength and Conditioning Program

Sports Nutrition
Slideshare Link - http://www.slideshare.net/nick.johnstone/sports-nutrition/1

Optimizing Recovery
Slideshare Link - http://www.slideshare.net/nick.johnstone/optimizing-recovery/1