Your job this term!
To find out what evolution is?
To investigate the mechanisms of evolution?
To examine three evolution/natural selection video games and to evaluate them.
This evaluation (paper) will be presented in a teachers journal (written in examination conditions).

It is not my job to change you from a creationist to an evolutionist!
It is not my job to convert the other way!
I am a biology teacher with a genetics degree - I will present you with researched evidence.

So what has happened so far: (Addition recommended by Year 12 Student 2009 - Michelle Ong)

What is Evolution?
Excellent Resource:

Just for Fun!
10 second overview:
The Evolution of Dance - A bit of fun!

Is there evidence for the Theory of Evolution?

Evolution Primer No.1 - Isn't Evolution Just a Theory

Evolution Primer #2: Who Was Charles Darwin?

Evolution Primer #3: How Do We Know Evolution Happens?

Evolution Primer #4: How Does Evolution Really Work?

Evolution Primer #5: Did Humans Evolve?

Evolution Primer #6: Why Does Evolution Matter Now?

Evolution Primer #7: Why Is Evolution Controversial Anyway?

Slide Show outlining some of the evidence:

Topic One: Patterns
The History of Life - Looking for Patterns -
The Family Tree -
Phylogenies -
Tree Building -
Classification -
Adding Time -
SWF Resources:
Quick Quiz -

Evidence of Evolution
Analogous and Homologous Structures -
DNA Hybridization Animation -
Mitochondrial DNA - Mitochondrial Eve -
Regulatory Genes -
How are Fossils Dated? - or

Powerpoint for evidence:

Topic Two: Mechanisms
Descent -
Mechanisms of Change -
Genetic Variation -
Genetic Drift -
Natural Selection -

Learning Object for Adaptive Radiation

Learning Object for Natural Selection demonstrated through Antibiotic Resistance in TB
Overview of the notion of Natural Selection

Coevolution -
Quick Quiz -

Topic Three: Microevolution
Definition of Microevolution -
Mechanisms for Microevolution -
Quick Quiz -

Topic Four: Speciation
Defining a Species -
Defining Speciation -
Causes of Speciation -
Quick Quiz -

Topic Five: Macroevolution
What is Macroevolution? -
Patterns of Macroevolution -
Quick Quiz -

Multiple Choice Quizzes
Principles of Evolution -
Labelling Diagrams -
Fill in the Blanks -

Webquest Activity -
Evidence of Common Descent -
Fossils: The Trilobite -

Who are the main players in this journey?
Charles Darwin -
Learning Object on Darwin's Life -

How does Evolution Work?
Peppered Moth Simulation -
Survival of the Sneakiest

Examples of Evolution:
Australian Examples:
Evolution of the Myrtle Family -
Fossil Sites in Australia -
Murderous Marsupials -
New Zealand Examples:

Human Evolution:
Introduction to Human Evolution - brainpop -
Diagram Tracing Human Evolution to its Roots -
Homo Sapiens vs Neaderthals -
Comparing bones in Primates -
Comparing skeletons of Humans to Chimps -
Becoming Human -
Fossil Hominids - the evidence -
Does Evolution Matter?

Walking with Cavemen Series

Is Evolution Controversial?

Video Resources:
Teacher Information -

Teacher Resources:
Lesson Plans -

Evolution Games:
Do interactive games help us understand evolutionary concepts?
Do they follow evolutionary theory? or Are they incorrect in anyway?

Sea Monsters -
Caveman Challenge -
The Evolution Game -
Evolution Simulation -

Other Simulations and Games: