2009 - Agricultural Studies

Agricultural Studies

Agricultural Research encompasses a massive field of scientific endeavour. This term long unit investigates a number of key issues within this field but is by no means an agricultural science course.

Queenslands Schools' Plant Science Competition


We all know that plants need water to turn sunlight into energy to grow. But how much water does one plant really use in a week or a day and how much can that plant grow with that amount of water? With a simple experiment we can measure exactly how much water a plant is using every week and we can relate that to observations of the growth of the plant. This experiment will give students an understanding of the exact amount of water that plants use and whether that amount is the same over time or changes from week to week. Further research into the topic of water use of plants will show them that not all plants need the same amount of water to grow. Australia has one of the most variable climates of the world and both too much rain and not enough can be detrimental to farmers who are trying to grow crops. The increased likelihood of dry years has led to various research projects that are looking at ways to make crops more resistant to droughts. Scientists are using experiments like this one to study the water use of various crops. Students might be able to identify plants that are more efficient in their water use either from their own observations in the experiment, or further research into the subject.

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Animated Photosynthesis

water cycle and transpiration
Transpiration in Plants

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Date Set: 23rd July 2010
Date Due: 13th September 2010

Updated: 31st August 2010
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