Week One -
What is Health?
What is Social Health?
Experiment on
Week Two -
What is Disease?
How Does Infection Spread?
Microbes and Disease the Powerpoint on Slideshare
Excursion to Friendlies Hospital - Controlling Infection
Infection Control
Hand washing

Week Three - Bacteria and Viruses

Week Four - Task One - Antarctic Death - http://www.accessexcellence.org/AE/mspot/arc/

Week Five to Seven - Task Two
Extended Response Task -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVefMW_Z4pQ - Flu Vaccination Video

Examples from 2007 Contest:

The 2007 Winner:

chicken pox bogan style


Week Eight - HIV/AIDS
Week Nine and Ten - Defenses Against Disease

Assessment Timelines:

Careers in Health

Pandemic planning in the workplace.

General Resources: